Why is Email Marketing Important? Know the 7 Reasons to Increase Revenue

Why is email marketing important

In the last decade, email marketing has generated more return on investment than any other marketing medium. It also boasts the highest conversion rate for transactions made as a result of promotional communications (66%). A marketing email is a useful tool for communicating with customers. Sending one or more follow-up emails to those who have … Read more

Want to Read an Amazing Article on What is Sales Prospecting?

The Nuts and Bolts of Sales Prospecting

Whether you work in market research, marketing, business development, or sales, you’ve probably heard of the terms “sales outreach” and “prospecting.” Salespeople have a reputation for being pushy, no matter what the reason. This is why it’s essential to understand prospecting before getting started. Prospecting is a preliminary assessment of market potential and readiness, and … Read more

Why Sales Prospecting Process is Absolutely Important for Every Sales Cycle?

Why sales prospecting is important

Prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers and persuading them to buy from you. Prospecting answers a fundamental question. Which companies are interested in purchasing the products and services you’re providing? Cold calling, emailing, SMS messaging, and other forms of outreach could be used to nurture dormant leads or reach out to entirely new … Read more