TuxMailer Vs Verifalia

Email marketers will need many tools to ensure a successful campaign. Email validation is one of those important tool to make sure that all emails are valid and you reach the correct prospects.

To maintain low spam rates and a good reputation as well as good delivery rates, it is crucial to keep your email address list clean. You might find it difficult to decide which of the many validating tools for email addresses is better.

We are comparing Verifalia with TuxMailer to show you the differences and benefits of both these email validation tools. Both email validators are well-known and the information provided here is taken from Verifalia website. Continue reading to discover what we found.

Tuxmailer Vs verifalia

TuxMailer vs. Verifalia – Accuracy

Let’s start with accuracy. When choosing an email validation service, this is something that you should be looking for. TuxMailer can clean your email lists with 98% accuracy; however, Verifalia doesn’t disclose their accuracy.

Verifalia vs. TuxMailer – Free Credits

Let’s now look at the other features that set TuxMailer apart from other email validation tools. Each month, TuxMailer offers 500 credits free of charge to every account holder. The services are available at no cost and you can use them for as much or as little time as you like. There are no strings attached. Verifalia, on the other hand, offers 25 credits per day.

Verifalia vs. TuxMailer – Pricing

Email validation helps protect your marketing budget and improves your ROI by identifying invalid email addresses. Here is where TuxMailer stands out over Verifalia. TuxMailer provides 100,000 email verifications at a low $79 while Verifalia offers the exact same number for $389. This is a big difference!

TuxMailer Vs Verifalia – Integrations

To automate your workflows and save your precious time, you can connect Verifalia and TuxMailer with your marketing tools. Even though, both the tools support some of the best platforms, Verifalia is missing out on IFTTT, and Power Automate.

Both email validation services allow for email verification in bulk or in real-time. Verifalia does not offer 24/7 support, but TuxMailer has the advantage of a 24-hour customer service. The chart below will help you compare these email validation services so that you can make an informed decision.

Comparison Chart
TuxMailer Logo Day
Free Credits
Price Per 100,000 Email Verifications
Bulk Email List Cleaning
Real-Time Email Validation
Free Deduplication
Blacklist Management
Data Security
Pay Only for Successful Validations
Role Account Detection
Remove Risky Emails
Syntax Validation
Catch-All Domain Detection
Mail Server Record Check
24/7 Support
Accuracy Rate
Identify Disabled & Full mailboxes
Determine AOL and Yahoo IDs
Intuitive and Rich UI
API for Single Validations
API for Bulk Validations
Wordpress Integration
Mautic Integration
Native Integrations
Zapier Integration
Power Automate Integration
IFTTT Integration
Team Account
Mobile App (PWA)

We hope that this comparison between TuxMailer and Verifalia has helped you narrow down your choices.

TuxMailer  has a number of advantages when it comes to verifying email lists online. It is a simple, intuitive, feature-rich and economical service that can help you get the most out of your email marketing activities. Try our services free of cost for as long as you like. All free accounts get 500 email validation credits each month. No strings attached.

Note: Comparison as of Feb 2022

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