What is email validation and how does email address validation benefit you?

Valid email addresses are the foundation of any business seeking success through email marketing. Businesses that do email validation before sending have a 21% lower bounce rate, which significantly improves delivery rates.

This makes it critical to confirm that your list of email addresses is valid, error-free, and that they actually exist.

What is email validation and how to verify email addresses using email checker?

Errors happen, and your visitors’ email addresses are frequently misspelled when they subscribe to your list. This year, more than 20% of your email database will expire.

Incorrect email addresses cause unnecessary bounces, lower your engagement metrics, harm your sender’s reputation, and cost you money. How much time and money do you throw away on bad leads?

What is the difference between Email validation and email verification?

Email validation and email verification are not the same, even if they may be related. Take caution not to confuse them or use them interchangeably.

A process called email validation can help determine whether an email address is error-free. In essence, email validation seeks to identify and stop the entry of incorrect email addresses and mistakes in email syntax. Most often (but not always), email validation is carried out in the front end.

Use of Email Validation

How to find invalid email addresses and disposable email address using email verification tool?

  • To avoid people entering mistakes at the moment.
  • To restrict the registration process to a specific user base.
  • To reduce the number of queries made to the server and reduce the strain on the server.

The method of email verification can be used to determine whether the recipient of an email address actually is a human.

Email validation is sometimes an element of email verification. However, email verification is a more involved process that involves both the front end and the back end.

You must send an activation link or code to the email address in question in order to properly verify it.

The user should then activate it from their mailbox; remember, this is email confirmation.

Use of email verification

  • To avoid hard bounces.
  • To preserve the credibility of your sender.
  • To maintain the accuracy of your email sending list.
  • To avoid having your domain added to a blacklist.
  • To improve security and guard against harmful data input from users.
  • To reduce the price of email marketing.

All parties (marketers, projects, and developers) would benefit from an agreement on the following. Email validation should only be used in the context of email syntax. However, email verification should refer to the entire complex verification processes, from email validation to email address confirmation through SMTP verification, DOI (double opt-in) check, or domain verification.

In light of this, let’s examine how email validation or email verification can be performed without sending an email.

Verify email addresses to enhance sender reputation

Does your email list have only valid email address? Does it also contain invalid email address? Do all the email address exists?

The problem is that a lot of hard bounces damage your sender’s reputation. Your delivery consequently declines due to your bad reputation.

Your email campaigns will get into the spam bin if you frequently send emails to invalid addresses. The effectiveness of your email marketing depends on how accurate your email list is.

When to confirm email addresses?

Email confirmation is not a routine task. However, reviewing your mail list is advised if:

  • The list of new recipients has expanded.
  • Several months have passed since the previous verification (more than three months)
  • Your bounce rate was close to or higher than 2%.
  • Your open rates are poor.

Check for disposable email addresses

An email address that is disposable is one that is only used temporarily.

Any disposable emails produced by Nada, Mailinator, and comparable services should be removed from your mailbox.

A third-party API, such as InboxHit, is available for use.

They are dependable at identifying throwaway email addresses.

Additionally, you may utilize a list of domains that are commonly used for temporary email accounts in your RegEx.

How to use online email verification services for bulk email verification?

Mail servers and mail server - Verify email addresses using bulk email verifier.

It takes a while to go through the checklist in order to verify one email address. However, there are numerous ready-to-use solutions accessible, so you don’t always have to perform manual validation.

Below listed are some of the top email validation tools that can help in ensuring a clean email list and the best customer service.

1. TuxMailer

TuxMailer is an email validation and marketing service tool. TuxMailer can assist you in getting your emails to the inbox and connecting with your customers.

Their email validation engine will enhance your open rates and ROI by 98%. In simple words, more emails opened equals more sales.

Email validation will allow you to communicate with your target audience and customers as effectively and efficiently as possible with the message that is most significant to you.

Clean your mailing list with TuxMailer’s email validation service to boost your open and conversion rates.

2. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an email checker that works with a variety of popular marketing platforms, including Cloudflare and Constant Contact.

They claim an accuracy rate of around 98% and employ an artificial intelligence ranking system to find out whether email addresses are active. It excels in removing invalid and misspelled addresses.

3. DeBounce

DeBounce, based in India, is a polished email verification software tool that can reduce bouncing by clearing addresses from disposable mail providers, addresses that appear multiple times, addresses with syntax errors, and more.

It distinguishes itself with a 3-step verification process, making it ideal for inexperienced marketers.

4. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is also one of the best tools for email address validation.

It has over 125,000 users worldwide, and the majority of them vouch for its superb bulk list cleaning functionality, which can maintain up to 99.9% deliverability.

NeverBounce verifies addresses in real-time, so you can see which are valid and which must be disposed of right away.

NeverBounce has over 80 integrations with multiple marketing platforms, making it simple to tap into and improve your existing mailing list.

5. Verifalia

Verifalia is probably the least popular software to verify email addresses described in this article, but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst.

Verifalia provides extensive syntax validation, spam trap detection, domain/MX/DNS checks, catch-all server detection, disposable email detection, and other services.

The tool is designed to be secure and adheres to the world’s strictest data privacy laws, and its servers are based in Germany.

6. MillionVerifier

MillionVerifier, founded by email verification guru Tamas Szabo, is a cost-effective email verification tool.

MillionVerifier is not only reasonably priced and affordable, but it is also extremely customer-friendly.

All new users are entitled to a full refund, as well as real-time chat support that usually clarifies all concerns within 60 minutes.

7. Captain Verify

CaptainVerify’s performance, which is rather underwhelming, will not win any awards. Their verification process is also a little slow.

Nonetheless, there are reasons why it should be included on this list of the top email verification tool providers.

This is accomplished through the use of a straightforward pricing model. While CaptainVerify does not explicitly advertise a free plan, you can request a free trial to obtain 100 verification credits for free.

8. Clearout

Clearout is a likable email verifier tool that eliminates bad email addresses by conducting an array of complex checks, searching for spam traps, hard bounces, blocklisted domains, and other enemies of email deliverability. It is trusted by over 20,000 multi-sized businesses.

It is not necessary to have a credit card to try it. All you have to do is sign up to receive 100 free email verification credits.

9. Bouncer

For those who value flexible pricing and GDPR compliance, Bouncer is considered one of the best email verification tools. Its simple UI makes it easy to get started. However, the interface is beginning to feel a little dated, so we just wish it had a more contemporary feel.

10. Xverify

Xverify is a reputable email verification service with EU-based data centers and built-in fraud protection.

This tool is ideal for European marketers who want to enhance deliverability by removing hard bounces, lowering spam complaints, and reducing fraud.

Xverify offers a versatile pricing structure with really no minimum requirements. In addition, Xverify provides 100 free verifications so that you can test the service.

If you have a large number of email addresses to clean up, use Xverify’s batch uploading feature. You can also either drag and drop your emails into the interface or upload them directly via FTP.

Secure Email Validation Service – Conclusion

How to verify an email address using bulk email verifier?

Valid email addresses are the foundation of any business seeking success via email marketing. This makes it critical to confirm that your list of email addresses is valid, error-free, and that they actually exist.

Errors occur occasionally, and your visitors’ email addresses are frequently misspelled while subscribing to your list. This could be due to a rush to get past the “Enter Email” field.

They frequently misspell their names or type two letters rather than one, resulting in a useless email address.

Amidst these issues, how can one obtain a large number of valid and error-free email addresses? You do not need to send an email to confirm that an email address is valid, functional, and responsive.

You have the option of using a dedicated tool or manually pinging the email box.

With the leading email verification tools listed in this article, you can quickly and efficiently remove misspelled and invalid addresses from your marketing lists, making it easy to achieve a positive ROI on your campaigns.

Whatever email verification tool you select, make sure to use it on a regular basis to ensure maximum deliverability.

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