How important is a subject line for an email campaign?

Did you know that the subject line of an email is the single most crucial component? They can determine whether a reader opens, deletes, or even mark your email as spam.

No matter how wonderful your marketing email is, if you don’t encourage readers to open it, you won’t gain from the work. Your email’s subject line is crucial because of this. Subscribers can determine if they wish to read your content by responding to those brief phrases or sentences.

There are ways to spruce up your subject lines to better attract people’s attention if you have fantastic marketing emails but still want to increase your open rates.

How Important Are Catchy Email Subject Lines? Do You Follow the Subject Line Best Practices?

A compelling subject line is the first step in a successful email campaign. Good subject lines are frequently intimate or descriptive and encourage readers to read your content.

In this article, you’ll discover how to develop attractive, captivating email subject lines that will be more inclined to get your emails viewed and read. Whatever strategy you use, it’s crucial to keep your audience in mind. Test out a variety of words and phrases to determine which ones they favor.

What Do Email Subject Lines Mean?

The line of text users see in their email inbox that hints at what the email will contain are called the subject line. This one line of content frequently affects whether a reader will fully open your email to read it or will simply delete it.

Why Are Effective Email Subject Lines Vital?

47% of email readers just read the subject line before opening the message. The subject line alone is all that 69% of email receivers used to determine whether an email is a spam.

In other words, the success or failure of your email marketing efforts depends on the strength of your subject lines.

Recognize the significance of your subject line.

Of course, the content of your marketing email is crucial. But subject lines are part of each & every email, & since they’re frequently the first portion that subscribers view, they may be the most crucial.

Your email’s subject line has the power to draw people in and give them a sneak peek at what’s inside. A poor subject line could be boring, annoying, or even make people completely ignore your email.

The proper one, however, can persuade them to continue reading. Once you have their interest, you can share your genuine message with subscribers in an effort to persuade them to support your company.

Marketing emails can be strong, but they’re only as potent as the individuals who read them. For this reason, you require excellent email subject lines.

Set a goal for yourself.

Getting people to open and read your emails should be your primary objective for each of your email subject lines. However, you may (and should) be more specific if you want to succeed. For instance, you may opt to try to grab people’s attention by being informative.

Inspire curiosity, surprise, or startle them with some fresh information. Be specific about the goals and strategies you want your email subject lines to achieve. Instead of just wishing for the best, that ought to increase your chances of really achieving your objectives.

Keep things brief and straightforward. It’s not a good sign if your subject line is too long for people to read without getting distracted.

In general, if you limit your character count to 50 or less, readers should be able to immediately understand what they may learn from reading your email.

Even sometimes shorter titles can communicate a point more effectively. Your aim should be to provide a valuable message to your readers in as few characters as possible.

Write a subject line that will appeal to your subscribers.

Are You Able to Get Good Email Subject Lines for Email Marketing Campaigns? Always Test Subject Lines to Know If It Is a Good Subject Line

Be precise.

You don’t have to be ambiguous just because your message must be brief.

Include keywords in your subject line that make it extremely clear to your readers what the email is about. Instead of just providing a general subject area, explain to readers what they can learn from reading your email. You don’t have to reveal everything.

Additionally, the more particular you are, the more probable it is that the appropriate audience will hear your message.

For instance, “Triple your leads in 30 days” is significantly more appealing than “Boost your business fast,” and as a result, is much more likely to persuade consumers to open an email.

Customize it.

You can get even more targeted by tailoring your email subject lines.

You can really grab people’s attention by addressing them by name in subject lines if you gather first names from sign-up forms.

Personalization goes beyond simply using a subscriber’s name. To ensure that your customers only get the information that is most pertinent to them, segregate your email subscriber list.

If you were offering a free item, for instance, keep track of who subscribed to your list. Then, make sure those people are on a list to get notifications about future giveaway promotions.

Keep your lists focused so you can identify the topics that particular subscribers are most inclined to find interesting. This will enhance the possibility that they’ll want to open and read your emails.

Pique their interest.

In other cases, even if your subject line is intriguing, individuals may ignore it because their inbox is so crowded that everything starts to blend together.

However, you can add emojis and other symbols to make your email subject lines stick out visually.

Even though it might seem insignificant, studies have shown that color can significantly affect how people perceive emails and the emotions they experience while reading them.

Those tiny emoticons can have a significant impact because a short subject line doesn’t provide much room for visual personalization and media.

Pose inquiries.

You should use email marketing as a channel to establish connections with current and new clients.

It should therefore be two-way communication. Include a question in the subject line of your email to engage your subscribers in the discussion.

When they feel heard, they may be more interested in what you have to say.

Question-based subject lines might immediately provide the sense that the email’s content connects to them.

Additionally, they’ll be more receptive to your messages if they understand the advantages of continuing their engagement with your company through email.

Make it a priority.

Your open rates might be increased by including a particular timeframe in the subject line of your emails.

If your subject line states that your content is time-sensitive, some readers may skip over or postpone reading some marketing emails.

It might make them more likely to read your message before they disregard it. Alternatively, it may be buried at the end of a large list of unread messages.

To ensure readers realize the significance of viewing your emails now as opposed to later, include words like “limited time offer,” “ending soon,” or “today only.”

Don’t abuse this tactic, but if anything is indeed urgent, make sure to mention it in the subject line so your subscribers know to read the message right away.

Put a call to action in there.

What do you want recipients of your emails to do after reading them? More precisely, aside from opening the email, what are you expecting them to do when they read your subject lines?

Once you’ve decided what you want your subscribers to do, asking them to do it is the simplest method to make it happen.

You may use language like “Click to enjoy the benefits of our latest offer”, or “See how simple it is to save with our latest promotion” to entice them to open your email and read the details of your business’s most recent promotion.

These types of subject line make it clear to readers even before they open your email what its purpose is.

After viewing those subject lines, subscribers on your list who are keen on your offer will probably want to go through your emails.

Analyze what works.

There are several ways to create effective email subject lines, and some approaches will be more effective for various organizations. You have to keep a record of what works best for your campaigns in order to determine which strategies are most effective for your particular business and email subscribers.

Persado is just one of many solutions offered through email marketing platforms.

To help you choose the best practices, these tools can provide insights and information regarding your email’s open rates.

You might decide to experiment with a few alternative subject lines for your emails, for instance.

You could include a question in one, personalize it with subscribers’ names in another, and include a deadline in a third. You could then run A/B tests to see which one performed the best.

You can review the results of each of those campaigns after you’ve sent them out to see which ones had the best open and interaction rates.

You might be able to determine which kinds of email subject lines resonate with your subscribers the best if you look for patterns that stick out when you utilize various sorts of subject lines.

The good email subject lines and increased open rates will be the consequence of good tracking and metrics, which remove the need for you to make educated guesses about what is effective.

Multivariate and A/B testing

A/B and multivariate tests show how slight variations affect results. A/B and multivariate testing enable you to determine which subject lines your particular contacts prefer.

Great Email Subject Lines

What Are the Examples of Some Good Email Subject Lines? Is the Email Subject Line Optimized for Mobile Devices?

Here are some samples of the best email subject lines for campaigns, together with the tested formulas for success.

Email subject lines that emphasize the fear of missing out

The fear of missing out is one psychological concept that is very impossible to overcome. By including a reference to scarcity (limited supply) or urgency, you can capitalize on this concern in your subject lines (limited time).

In fact, it has been demonstrated that including words like “urgent,” “breaking,” “important,” or “alert” in email subject lines increases open rates. Here are some excellent examples of email subject lines that play on the fear of missing out.

1) “You’re losing out on points.”

2) “[URGENT] You’ve got only TWO DAYS to watch this…”

Best Subject Lines that Instill Curiosity

Humans naturally want closure because we dislike having knowledge gaps. By keeping your subject line open-ended and creating a cliffhanger that can only be resolved by opening the email, you can capitalize on subscribers’ need for closure.

You can pique readers’ curiosity by posing a question, making an intriguing promise, or just stating something outlandish or unexpected. Here are some excellent illustrations of intriguing subject lines:

3) “Do not open this email.”

4) “Last Day To Find Out What This Mysterious Email Is About”

5) “Is this the hottest job in marketing?”

Funny Email Subject Lines

They’ll just have to open it if your catchy subject lines inspire your subscribers’ smiles. Have you recently read a subject line that made you laugh but you choose not to read it?

Though it involves a little more work and imagination, comedy can have a significant positive impact on your open rates. Here are some catchy email subject lines to entertain your readers.

6) “It has never tasted better to lick your phone.”

7) “Deals That Make Us Feel Proud (Unlike Mark, Our Nephew)”

8) “Yes, I’m pregnant. You may now stop staring at my stomach.”

9) “NEW! A trip to Mars”

Aim for Vanity

Everybody has some vanity. People crave other people’s approval, acceptance, and even respect. It simply comes with being human. Because of this, some of the best email subject lines make use of vanity to entice you to open the message.

You can accomplish this by making a promise that will enhance the subscriber’s reputation among their peers or by appealing to their fear of humiliation. Here are some excellent creative email subject line examples that play on vanity…

10) “Avoid wearing styles from last year.”

11) “Age-defying cosmetic techniques”

12) “Products celebrities are using”

Subject lines for emails that induce greed

Even if you don’t currently need the item, it can be difficult to pass up a good price. You may not consider yourself to be a “greedy” person. Sales, discounts, and special offers are therefore excellent subject line options.

Offer particularly big discounts sparingly, as the bigger the percentage, the less dependable the impact on your open rates (possibly because customers don’t think big discounts are legitimate).

Regardless, whenever you mention a discount in your subject line, you can often anticipate a rise in your click rates. This is most likely a result of the fact that those who view these emails are indeed attracted to your offer, thus they are more likely to click.

13) “Start planning for summer now”

14) “A little opulence at an excellent bargain”

15) “Free gift wrapping is offered with every order”

Personalized Email Subject Line

In all industries, email subject lines with names in them increase open rates by 10–14%. The name of your subscriber is just one technique to personalize your subject lines, though.

You can also utilize slang, divulge personal information, or write in a way that suggests familiarity or camaraderie. Here are some illustrations of attention-grabbing personal email subject lines:

16) “Surprise Inside for Susan’s Birthday!”

17) “Steve, we appreciate you helping us.”

18) “I didn’t see your name in the comments. What happened?”

Top Email Subject Line Keywords

Numerous studies have examined the efficacy of employing particular email subject line keywords. To further increase your open rates, incorporate these keywords into the email copy and subject lines you create.

The top five most successful subject line keywords, per Alchemy Worx, which examined 21 billion emails sent by 2,500 brands, were as follows:






Conclusion: Some Last-Minute Advice for Writing Addicting Email Subject Line

For the maximum open rates possible, keep the above mentioned suggestions in mind when picking a subject line at random.

Most email opens occur on mobile devices. Whichever of the aforementioned methods you choose to employ, be sure your subject line is mobile-friendly.

Even if mobile email access decreased at the end of 2018, it is still the most popular method of email access. Additionally, keep in mind that creating unique subject lines for your emails is the secret to long-term success.

In actuality, subscribers are easily bored. You’ll need to constantly change things up over time if you want to keep your first-time responders and long-term inactive readers from reading your subject line and thinking, “There’s that weekly email again that I always ignore.”

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