Email List: How to Effectively Verify An Email Addresses List?

How does one validate an email address? How does one clean an invalid email address? What does an email list consist of? These questions are often asked by newbie email marketers who want to get started with their marketing campaigns.

Email lists can be a great way to keep in touch with customers. They also provide a terrific opportunity to build relationships with your subscribers.

You can create a free account at Constant Contact or MailChimp, both of which offer basic features such as sending emails, creating landing pages, and tracking opens and clicks. You’ll have to purchase a premium version if you want to go beyond these basics.

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It’s one thing to decide to start an email list, but getting meaningful results may be challenging for organizations.

The following are the two most essential conditions for developing a good email list:

  • Having a large number of website visitors.
  • Converting a significant number of these to sign-up forms on your website.

This post will assist you in verifying email addresses, and comprehending certain customer acquisition tactics. Suggestions here will explain how to start an email list from scratch.

How does an email list work?

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Your most valuable asset is your email list. Gather the email addresses of individuals who have registered on your website, newsletters, or blogs to set up an email list. People who have signed up with you have demonstrated a desire to hear from you.

Ensure that your email list is as big as possible. Building an email list is crucial because it tells you how many people might be familiar with the product or service. This data might then be used to market your services or products to these people. Make sure your emailers are important to the customers when designing them.

How to Build Your Email List

Pop-ups are used to display information about products or services. It is a good method to arouse the curiosity of others about what you are offering.

Facebook advertising allows you to target particular demographics of individuals interested in your product. Combining these two methods allows you to reach more people than if you were using either method alone.

In the current economy, a company’s email list is one of its most valuable assets. A well-designed opt-in form can help your company gain more consumers.

Content marketers employ lead magnets (a marketing term for a free good or service offered back in exchange for contact details) to generate new leads. You may expand your email list by combining pop-ups with Facebook adverts.

Focus on building an email list and reaching out to your audience through Facebook Ads. This will effectively reach out to a considerably larger audience than before.

Is purchasing an email list a wise idea?

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The vast majority of marketers are on the lookout for simple ways to build an email list. Keep in mind that neither a free nor a paid online mailing list would be your finest selection.

It’s fast, but it’s improper. This is an important point to stress and one that many new e-commerce entrepreneurs neglect. This definitely isn’t the most effective way to grow an email list.

Many people online will sell you email lists with large numbers of “good” (read: low-quality) contacts that are ideal for your marketing strategy. Such suspect lists can affect your business more than help it.

This is why: If you buy an email list, there’s a good probability that someone else is doing the same thing.

The email list could be a spam trap in and of itself, meaning that sending emails to those people will result in your sender’s email address and IP address being banned as spam. Those people aren’t spam traps, but they aren’t high-quality leads for your company, and they will designate you as spam.

Consider this: You’ve been flagged as spam by 10,000 people. Your sender’s reputation is practically non-existent. If enough spam complaints are received by your email service provider, your account will be suspended. Your plan to develop an email list would have failed miserably.

Why & how do we verify an email?

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Gone are the times when you could just send out cold emails at will, hoping that something would land someplace. Today’s email outreach necessitates meticulous attention to detail in order for your emails to be opened, as well as a personal approach in order for your leads to respond.

For the time being, let’s concentrate on the first step: trying to make sure your emails reach the inbox.


The process is straightforward: Test to see if the email account is valid before sending emails.

Why should you verify the email address before sending it?

Validate the Email Addresses | Increase Deliverability

Only one word comes to mind: dependability.

It is considerably more effective to send 600 emails to verified addresses than to send 1,500 emails to unverified email addresses. Many of those 1,500 email addresses could possibly bounce.

The more bounced emails you have, the higher the probability your inbox messages would be categorized as spam. Not only will you lose time dealing with bounced emails, but your emails to valid addresses will also be less successful.

You can increase your deliverability by putting additional effort into validating an email address before sending an email. You’ll obtain a higher opening and engagement rate as a result of this.

Now, you may be thinking, “How can I validate the email address sans emailing?” Once it comes to email validation, you have a few options.

Validating an email address sans sending an email is pretty straightforward, regardless of how many verified email addresses you require or how vast a list of lead emails you have.

Here’s how to do it.

Check each email address manually

Various free techniques for confirming an email account sans sending an email can be found in search results for “email checker” and even for “email verifier.” Some of the email verification tools might also have free credits.

If you’re only sending a few emails at a time, this method of validating an email address will suffice. After all, it’s completely free and uncomplicated. However, will this strategy work on a large scale?

Make use of an email verification service

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Finding an email verification tool that does not drain you of credit or charge you extra is key, rather than relying on a process that drains your account. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Your business may require a solution that allows you to upload your list or verify emails from a marketing or CRM platform like Salesforce.

You’ll need a tool that only charges you for email addresses that have been validated and are up to date.

You can check our email validation tool – Tuxmailer. This email verification tool makes sure that the email address is genuine by checking if it matches an existing email account. TuxMailer is used by some of the world’s most creative and innovative organizations on a regular basis to expand email marketing. They also have pricing that suits you – Pay as you go and term plans.

The first step is to get people to come to your site

Developing an email list necessitates the creation of excellent content. If you create quality content that has the potential to go viral, then it can help drive people to your website.

You may share this content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, and Twitter, among other social media networks. All you want is a powerful call to action and a direct connection to your store.

Using SEO, create compelling content

You should also regularly develop attractive content on your site and wait for Google to notice it. Landing pages are designed to convert more visitors into leads. It takes weeks, months, or even longer to see any significant growth in your organic traffic, but the primary benefit here is that it’s completely free.

No matter what happens to Facebook or other social media platforms, you can still get traffic to your site. To communicate with clients, you’ll need to create a mailing list. Mailing lists are great because you can send regular updates about new products or promotions.

A targeted landing page

Landing Page | Email Campaigns | Lead Capture Form | Business Professionals

You may create an email list anywhere outside your home page while conducting email marketing campaigns.

You should focus on a single product on this page. Your visitors can be asked to sign up for an email newsletter to see more information about the product.

When running these marketing campaigns, you should focus on specific funnels to increase your sales or subscribers.

It is critical to test the landing pages to avoid any possible frustration for end-users. A pleasant user experience is capable of increasing conversion rates on landing pages, growing your email list, and increasing revenues.

Underestimated standard opt-in form

CTA | Standard Opt-in Form | Pop Up Form

On most e-commerce platforms, it is possible to create an email list. This can be done on your website using a conventional opt-in form. Most Shopify stores will have this opt-in form enabled, usually at the bottom or between pages.

This can be disabled, but I recommend that you don’t. This is an important aspect of your website’s design. Instead of an opt-in form, you can also position a sticky sign-up form at the bottom or sides of the page.

Pop-ups are an excellent approach to getting new leads. You can set them up to appear when someone visits your site or when an event occurs. It is also possible for pop-ups to contain lead magnets. This means that people who see the pop-up might want to fill out a form to receive more information about your product.

When users enter their email address into a form, they should be shown a pop-up message after a set period of time. This message could inform them about an upcoming event or offer a freebie.

Users who visit a website often should be shown a pop-up when they are getting ready to leave. A pop-up may also be used to alert users about a planned event. The most prevalent sort of pop-up form is this one.

In your pop-up form, you should provide a compelling call to action (CTA) or incentive.

Powerful lead magnets

People are often wary of new things and are hesitant to purchase anything for the first time. As a result, many online shops’ typical conversion rate hovers around 3%. The majority of visitors to an e-commerce site will leave without purchasing anything. To minimize this, you may employ a lead magnet to turn your site website visitors into customers for free.

A lead magnet is a wonderful resource that you should use to gain new subscribers. Before they subscribe, ensure you’re providing them with something beneficial. Pop-ups are usually annoying, but this one is actually useful.

The power of incentive

mpact of Incentives | Subscribe to a Newsletter

The impact of incentives is often overlooked by email marketers. They’re small enough to seal a deal, but they may make a big impact. Don’t offer free updates because people do not value them much. Offer discounts, sales, or free shipping for a short period. Create a basic form that visitors may use to sign up for a newsletter. Visitors can opt out if they wish.

Referral programs

Referral Programs | Expand Your Email List

Because you’re giving something away for free, referral programs are a terrific method to expand your email list. You’re also getting something in return. This is a great way to increase your current subscriber base.

Referral programs are an excellent strategy to boost your sales. You may utilize them to make money by giving rebates and other incentives to customers who recommend others to your products or services.

Adding the option to forward or send out your promotional newsletter or welcome email to others would be great. Adding the same option at the bottom of your lead magnet is also great. Try to give away something for free.

Free shipping, coupons, discounts, and free gifts help you get new contacts, new customers, and new clients.

Are you a regular user of email list cleaning services?

If you haven’t already done so, now is the moment. Email marketing is one of the most efficient methods of communicating with clients and prospects. However, if you don’t know how to use it properly, then you may end up losing a lot of money in the process.

Validate your email list prior to sending it out. Ensure that no emails have been returned as invalid or hard-bounced. It’s also a good idea to double-check that the email address is correct.

Keep your list healthy

Healthy Email List | Active Customers | Email Quality

Your consumers are aware of you and are enthusiastic about what you do if you have a healthy email list. You can get more sales by getting rid of inactive customers.

The procedure should be repeated at least twice a year. This will be simple to perform with the top email marketing solutions. Concentrate on the quality of your emails rather than the quantity.

Don’t let spam emails wreak havoc on your email marketing efforts

Verify your email list to avoid hard bounces, fraudulent emails, and spam traps. You shouldn’t have to worry about receiving a few points in the spam test if you follow best practices like keeping a clean list and distributing appealing information solely to individuals who genuinely opted in.

How Spam Emails Can Wreak Havoc on Email Marketing

These rules are only steps that can help you get started; they are not markers of success or failure. They safeguard you from the dangers. Find out how to clean your email list.

To prevent being labeled as a spammer, avoid using things like:

  • Special characters and all capital letters.
  • Certain terms such as “suspect” or “spam.”
  • Make no oblique choices, such as inserting spaces between letters, as in F R E E.
  • If you are using links, make sure they are from well-known sites with high domain authority.
  • It’s best if your communications aren’t overly text-heavy or too image-heavy.
  • Text and graphics should be in proportion.
  • Avoid using too many colors or text printed in difficult-to-read colors.
  • Remove an exclamation mark or a question mark from the subject lines.

Use proper header information

Don’t utilize header information that is inaccurate or deceptive. The source domain name, email id, as well as the details in your “From,” “To,” “Reply-To,” as well as routing lines, must be correct as well as identify individuals or organizations who sent the message.

Subject Lines

In your communications, never use misleading or confusing subject lines. The subject line should appropriately reflect the message’s content.

Recognize the message as an advertisement

You have a lot of discretion in how you do this under the law, but you must make it plain and visible that your communication is an advertisement.

Don’t send unsolicited emails

Disposable Email Addresses | Multiple File Formats | Unsolicited Emails

Sending out promotional emails without permission is a common tactic used by spammers. If you receive an email demanding your personal details, notify it right away. Also, don’t reply to any messages that ask for your personal details.

Inform receivers of your location

Your physical postal address must be included in your communication. This is often your physical location, a post office mailbox something you’ve registered with the USPS, or a personal mailbox that you’ve enrolled with a commercial mail receiving business that abides by USPS rules.

How can I stop receiving emails in the future?

How to Unsubscribe - Clear Instructions Should be Provided

The recipient should be able to opt-out of future email communications from you by giving a prominent and clear description in your message.

The notification should be easy to read and understand for the average person. Clarity can be improved through the creative use of font size, color, and placement. Give individuals a simple means to transmit their choice to you by providing a corresponding email address or another quick Internet-based method.

A menu can be created to allow recipients to choose to stop receiving marketing messages from you. Check your spam filter to determine if you are blocking opt-out requests.

Opt-out requests should be handled quickly

Opt-out requests should always be processed quickly. Any opt-out method you provide must be able to handle requests for at least a month after your message is sent. You should comply with a user’s opt-out request before 10 business days.

You cannot charge customers, ask the user to submit any individual information other than an email id or compel the recipient to perform any action other than sending a reply email and perhaps even visiting a webpage as a requirement for honoring an opt-out request.

Even if it’s in the form of a mailing list, you can’t decide to sell peoples personal email addresses if they’ve told you they would not want to receive any further emails from you.

The only exception is if you’ve engaged a company to assist you to adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act and want to transfer the addresses to them.

Keep an eye on what people are doing in your name.

Engaging other organizations to handle your promotions

Even if you engage another organization to handle your email marketing, the law states that you cannot contract off your legal obligation to follow the law.

The firm whose business is promoted in the message, as well as the corporation that simply sends the message, could be held liable.

What are Invalid Email Addresses?

Invalid Email Addresses | Email List Cleaning Services | CSV File

It’s basically an address that doesn’t have the proper format for an email address, something that doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist any longer. When you send out an email to an incorrect address, you receive invalid email notifications.

Your deliverability depends on the email validation from your list. Dealing with these situations might sometimes result in losing reputation with one or more servers.

We need to know what problem we’re addressing before advising you on how to fix it. This requires determining the underlying problem. Remember that around 6 to 30% of emails on an average mailing list are typically invalid. As you can see, managing 30% of invalid emails in a massive database is a highly time-consuming operation. You can, however, perform it manually if the database is small or you choose.

Email Deliverability

The email deliverability landscape is constantly changing, and the number of spam filters that are deployed by ISPs around the world continues to grow.

As a result, it’s critical for your business to have an effective strategy in place to ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients.

For a flawless list, real-time email verification is required

Before sending an email, use the email list validation service to ensure that only a clean list will be sent. You can use this feature to prevent spam by verifying if the email address is valid. This will assist ensure that the database only contains valid email addresses.

TuxMailer – Email Validation Tool

Email List Cleaning Services | Email Verification Service

Tuxmailer is an email list cleaning service. Users trust it for their real-time verification and email cleaning services. Tuxmailer has over 200+ integrations with platforms, including MailChimp, Active Campaign, Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Drip, and many others.


Marketers depend on email lists, but their addresses must be validated because they can’t be acquired without delivering some type of value in exchange. There are many successful ways to do this, and optimizing the process is vital to ensure that marketers have as many genuine addresses as possible.

Don’t get discouraged if your list has a lot of bounce or if your subscribers aren’t responding to your messages.

Instead, remove all incorrect email addresses from your list and ensure that only current and genuine email addresses remain. This will help you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your promotion. You may make your task easier by validating your email list.

Tuxmailer is an excellent email validation tool that helps you to boost the effectiveness of your marketing business. They will help you save time and money, which means that you will be able to focus on new customer acquisition rather than spending all your energy on maintaining the quality and reputation of your mailing list.

Any internet business’s email list is a valuable asset, but with enormous amounts of data, email lists are prone to having duplicate or wrong contacts. As a result, maintaining its quality becomes critical. We have explored why it’s critical to build tried-and-true strategies for rapidly identifying legitimate email addresses in your email lists in this article.

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