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Pay as You Go and Subscription Plans
We offer subscription plans and Pay As You Go plans. You can add Pay As You Go credits to your account at any time. These credits do not expire. Subscriptions are the most affordable and credits are renewed every month. You can also combine these plans.
Forever Free Account
Sign up today to receive 500 free email validation credits each month. Yes, it's true. 500 credits per calendar month for your entire life. We offer the most extensive, free of charge plan in the sector. You can upgrade to any premium plan whenever you are ready.
Grandfathered Pricing for Subscription Plans
Get one of our plans today. Our introductory pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry. Once you sign up, your price will be fixed as long as you have a valid subscription. That is what we call GrandFathered pricing!
Inexpensive and Economical Plans to Suit Your Every Need
Our pricing plans are well-designed to meet a wide range of user requirements. No matter if you're just starting out, or a large established company, we have the right pricing plan for you.
Custom Pricing for High Volumes
If you have a special requirement, or if any of our pricing plans do not meet your needs, please let us know. We can customize a plan to meet your individual needs.
Secure Payments
We use Stripe for processing your payments. Stripe servers handle your payments securely. Your card details are never stored on our servers. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Pricing that suits you

Earn free credits

In four simple steps


Simply Register

Register and get 500 free email validation credits per month. You can use these credits for single as well as bulk validation services. You can also try our APIs.


Share your experience

Share your honest feedback about our service on G2, Capterra, or both. Send us the published URL, and we'll reward you with 5,000 Pay As You Go credits per review.


Create a video Testimonial

Do a detailed video review about our product features and your opinion. Publish the review on YouTube and send us the live URL. Get additional 25,000 Pay As You Go credits.


Write a detailed blog

Write a blog about our platform and services. Publish it on Medium, or your own website, provided that you have at least 10k viewers per month. Send us the link to earn 10,000 credits.

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    How Do Credits Work?

    One credit equals one email validation; however, if you pick priority processing for your list, each validated email address will cost you five credits.


    We only deduct credits if we can positively verify an email address for you.


    Pay As You Go Plans:


    • Credits on the Pay As You Go plan never expire.
    • These credits can be topped up at any time.


    Subscription Plans:


    • Unused credits expire at the end of each month for all subscription options.

    You can purchase Pay As You Go credits as well as subscribe to a subscription plan. If you have both subscription plan and Pay As You Go credits, our system will always withdraw subscription plan credits first, followed by credits from your Pay As You Go balance if necessary.

    What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    We use the Stripe platform for payment processing and we accept all the major credit cards, debit cards, and other popular payment methods around the world.

    How Safe Is my Payment Information?

    All payment information submitted by you is completely safe and secure. Your card details are never stored on our servers at any time.

    Is It Possible To Modify My Plan Later?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

    Can I Get A Refund?

    We do offer a free plan for you to try our email validation service before you take the plunge. All payments must be done in advance and are non-refundable.

    Do You Offer Free Credits?

    Yes, very much! Create an account on TuxMailer and try our free email validation services. We provide a free monthly plan of 500 credits. This is the most comprehensive free plan available on the market.


    You can subscribe to a paid plan of your choosing whenever you’re ready and have a higher requirement. Monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual subscription levels are available. In addition, we provide pay-as-you-go solutions to meet your occasional needs.