Tuxmailer WordPress Plugin

TuxMailer WP: What Does It Do?

  • Email Address Validation From Within WordPress
  • Simple And Easy Installation
  • Free 500 Validations Per Month
  • Real Time Email Validation
  • Bulk Email Validation
  • Integrates with Your Favorite Form Builder

Some of our


Bulk Email List Cleaning

You may now clean your email address list from within WordPress. Filter your results by valid, invalid, unverified, & other criteria. Send only a subset of the data for validation, or the complete list. The choice is yours and can be done from the comfort of your WordPress admin dashboard. Always keep your lead lists up to date and valid.

Bulk email list cleaning
Real time single email verification

Real Time Email Verification

Why let bad leads into your marketing lists? Stop them in their tracks. Integrate the TuxMailer WordPress plugin with your forms to prevent users from entering incorrect email addresses. All email addresses are validated in real time, and only entries with correct email addresses are permitted.

Easy To Get Started

The simplest setup procedure without the added complication. Simply upload the plugin to your site or install it from the WordPress plugins directory, then activate it. You are now ready to start after entering the API key from your TuxMailer app. TuxMailer interfaces with the most popular WordPress form builders.

Easy to get started
Easy to download your results

Get Detailed Reports

View comprehensive validation results directly within WordPress, or download your reports from the TuxMailer app. TuxMailer’s distinguishing characteristics include a thorough validation procedure, sophisticated filtering capabilities, & fine-grained insights. Email verification has never been so simple. Enhance your marketing ROI with TuxMailer.