Why is email validation important and what are its benefits?

With the number of consumers visiting their inboxes on a continuous basis, email remains one of the most successful and influential communication mediums. The origins of current email usage and services may be traced back to the 1960s, during the early days of the internet.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Validation?

According to McKinsey, email is about 40 times more successful than Facebook and Twitter combined to assist your business in acquiring new consumers. Plus, email marketing has an ROI of roughly 4,300 percent, saving trees.

According to Statista, 269 billion emails are sent globally each day with slightly over 4.3 billion email subscribers worldwide. Surprisingly, only 10% of the email addresses acquired are accurate. This poor data quality is largely due to human error.

Real customers start with genuine emails. And, email validation is the most effective method for ensuring high-quality data capture. As you validate email addresses, you enhance your email marketing effectiveness and fraud prevention. It also increases your ability to defend your sender’s reputation.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Email Validation tool?

Disposable Email Address Allows To Receive Email At A Temporary Address That Self-Destructs After A Certain Time Elapses.

If you’re a salesperson or email marketer with an old database, your list is much more likely to contain invalid email addresses. Some people still feel that having more email addresses would help you promote more effectively.

Regrettably, it is no longer the same. We live in a time where quality trumps quantity. The days of buying a large list of email addresses from untrustworthy sources or including email addresses of individuals who do not want to continue receiving your email campaigns are long gone.

There are strict restrictions in place to safeguard email users and combat spam. GDPR-compliant in the European Union, Canada’s Anti-Spam law, and the United States CAN-SPAM Act all strive to regulate commercial email.

Which email addresses must be verified?

Given the reasons for email verification, it is understandable that an email address may become invalid at any time. And this is why professionals must go to great lengths to validate your email lists.

Some people choose to check just fresh email lists obtained from untrustworthy sources. However, this method will not eliminate the risk.

It is preferable to validate email lists obtained from reliable sources. You should also validate current email lists as well as new ones on a regular basis.

It is critical to do that because you cannot tell when someone may retire or get transferred. Chances to get a promotion, or when a firm will shut, or an email service provider will go out of business are also unknown. As a result, it is recommendable to be prepared from the start.

Why is the Email Verification tool important for Your Business?

What Is A Secure Email Validation Service?

Have you bought email lists or added individuals without their permission? If so, you’ll need to clean up your database and remove any questionable email addresses. A broken email address can be caused by several factors.

As a marketer or salesperson, an incorrect email address is useless. Here are the most typical reasons why an email address becomes incorrect. You can also detect them using an email verifier.

1. No such domain exists

The component of an email address that tends to come after the @ sign is known as the domain name. Email addresses become inactive when an organization closes or shifts its domain. Using an email validation tool, you can clearly identify if an email address is valid or actually applies to a non-existent domain. It will help to reduce the bounce rate.

2. Career change

Bulk Email Validation A.K.A Bulk Email Verification Assists In Various Marketing Campaign To Find Valid Addresses

When people change careers, their past official email addresses will be inaccessible and diverted to someone else. You can identify invalid email addresses as well as remove those from the list by using an email validation tool.

3. Position shift

Employee email addresses in larger organizations are determined by their position within the company. Email addresses are formatted differently for low-level, mid-level, and top-level professionals. As a result, if a person is promoted, their preceding email address becomes invalid. It is thus critical to verify email addresses prior to actually sending emails. If you are unable to do so, your bounce rate will increase.

4. There are missing or incorrect characters, typos, as well as syntax errors

Syntax Errors Are Invalid And Will Be Detected By An Email Verification Tool

The mail address may contain errors, such as misspellings or extra spaces. It may also include special characters like!,?, &,%, *, +, $, ^, ~, {}, (,). Spammers use these characters to conceal their identities. These characters are not permitted in any valid email address. Such emails are invalid and will be detected by an email verification tool.

5. The email service provider is no longer in business

When your email provider goes down, your emails will not be delivered. Businesses do close, and email service providers are no exception. As a result, the email service provider’s email addresses are deemed invalid. As a result, validating the email accounts in your email list is critical.

Email verification is required for all the reasons stated above. Consider removing all invalid addresses from your email list if you want your email marketing campaigns to fare better.

What Qualities Should an Email Verifier Have?

What Should an Email Verifier Be Like?

You may be wondering what factors to consider before selecting an email checker after gaining knowledge about the significance of an email verifier and the advantages of an email verification tool.

Here’s some assistance. In the email verification service, search for the following features:

1. It must be a web-based service

A Software as a service email verifier is the best solution for you because it uses neither any device resources and is always available. Its only requisite is that you have a network connection.

2. It should be scalable

Your tool should be capable of dealing with massive email lists. As a salesperson, you would choose to validate large lists all at once to save time. As an outcome, you must choose an appropriate tool for this.

3. It must work with both professional and personal emails

Email Verification Tool Works With Both Professional And Personal Emails

Because you will most likely use both business and personal email addresses in your list, the email verification tool must validate both.

4. It must have a variety of verification techniques

The email verifier should have many verification procedures. Choose one that uses a variety of procedures, such as domain checking, syntax checking, and email server pinging.

5. It should be simple to interface with other systems

Email validation is often included as an aspect of the email campaign process. It is thus preferable to use an email verification service that can be readily integrated with other platforms, such as email creation and outreach tools. It will allow you to do things more efficiently.

Why is email data quality so important?

Benefits Of Using An Email Verification Services And Email Checker

As per Marketing Week, 60% of customers intentionally provide incorrect information when entering personal details. 10% of the email addresses provided in checkouts, sign-up forms, and internal systems are incorrect. When email addresses are entered using a mobile device, the statistics skyrockets.

How to Ensure the Validity of Your Email Address Data?

Your first rule should be data quality

Use of a batch email validation tool on a continuous basis to clean your email lists can detect old and outdated or invalid email addresses and remove them before your next marketing campaign.

To avoid mistakes and fraudulent accounts starting to cause excessive hard bounces, you must authenticate each collected new email address utilizing real-time email address verification.

Check your database on a regular basis

Subscribers who are not engaged should be evaluated and excluded. Completely disinterested people can cause problems. Remove them from your email list if they haven’t read any of your newsletters over the last four months to reduce the likelihood of spam complaints as well as hard bounces.

What is the purpose of validating email addresses?

 What Is The Objective Of Email Address Validation?

Get rid of hard bounces

The majority of hard bounces occur, as the email address is no longer valid, was forged, or was canceled or closed by the consumer. If you receive too many bounces, your reputation as a sender will suffer, and your email campaign will suffer as well.

Using an email validator can help you eliminate incorrect email addresses as well as minimize email bounce rates by up to 95%.

A decent email verification program will not only look for the email address in the database but will also check to see if the account is active in real-time.

You enhance your sender score by enhancing email deliverability. It establishes if you are a reliable sender or a spammer.

Reduces Spam Complaints

Some Email Verification Tools Helps In Spam Trap Detection And Reduce Spam Complaints

This is among the most important benefits of email verification. Spam complaints should ideally be less than ten per 10,000 emails sent. It is critical to maintaining the spam rate as low as possible, or else your reputation will suffer.

Email verification programs can detect email accounts of individuals who often designate emails as spam. The verifier will identify such email accounts, saving you from being labeled as spam.


When your messages (even critical transactional emails) are blacklisted, they are not accepted by the server. Bounces and spam complaints are reduced when you utilize an email verification service since you have a clean list. You may then resume your email marketing without concern.

It keeps you from being fined

If your email campaign receives a high number of bounces as well as spam reports, the email service provider will begin warning you, and even if that continues, they might blacklist you. In severe circumstances, you may also face a significant penalty.

Gives accurate information

Email Verifier Provides Detailed Report Which Is Helpful For Online Business

After your email validator has cleaned the mailing list, you will have valid addresses. When you send out your email campaign, the responses of the receivers will be more dependable for analysis. Because you are sending emails to actual email addresses, each response from the receivers appears authentic.

It saves money

Email address storage and sending are not free services. Maintaining a database and sending them costs money. When you verify email addresses, the undesired ones are eliminated from the list, and the size of your database is reduced. You will also send emails to a smaller number of people. This results in financial savings.

Increases ROI

One advantage of email verification is that it minimizes the likelihood of bounces, which helps to enhance ROI. Consider this: sending emails tends to cost your company money. Each email has a fee associated with it. As a result, even a single email bounce might have an impact on the ROI of your campaign. Bounced emails are a waste of time and money invested in email marketing.

Reduces the amount of time it takes to fix bounces

Certain Campaign Monitor Helps In Instant Bounce Analysis.

Bounces will begin to arrive if you use an unverified email list for your email campaign. If you do it yourself, you must use a technology that unsubscribes hard bounces, but if you use an email service provider, the invalid addresses will be moved to a different list.

The bounces will also be recorded by the service provider.

Various email service providers typically impose a limit, and if the number of bounces surpasses that limit, the service provider may issue warnings.

If you do not improve your list-building procedures and too many bounces continue to occur, the service provider will terminate your account.

When you validate your list, all the issues will be rectified. Each and every undeliverable address would be taken off the list by the email verification tool, saving you time and effort.

That is a significant advantage of validating your email list, and it will contribute to the overall effectiveness of your marketing plan.

Avoid sending emails from unsafe email accounts

Some email addresses might not belong to a genuine person. These are the ones associated with fraud or chargebacks. It is critical to avoid using these email accounts because you risk being blacklisted for sending too many emails to traps.

Email verification can help you avoid sending an email to extremely unsafe email addresses.

Determine catch-all mail servers

Catch-all mail servers accept all emails sent even if the mailbox does not exist. It might be an issue for you as a digital marketer since it may appear valid at first, but it will be kicked back later. When you use an email verification tool, you will be aware of this specific server setting and will be able to delete such email addresses from your list.

Identifies temporary accounts

You May Later Discover And Delete Temporary Accounts From The List Using An Email Verifier.

Fraudsters frequently employ randomly generated temporary accounts that are only active for 48 hours. When you gather them, you will not notice that they are transitory. You may later discover and delete such accounts from the list using an email verifier.

It safeguards the sender’s reputation

When you send emails, you establish a reputation with email service providers as well as internet service providers over time. This reputation is regarded as a sender’s reputation, and it is determined by a number of factors.

The criteria are the number of times receivers label your email as spam and the number of email bounces. You may rest a little more with verified email lists because you are not sending emails to addresses that will flag them as spam or create bounces.

It will aid in the protection of your sender’s reputation, which is extremely important to email marketers.

It prevents issues with email deliverability

Email Validation Prevents Issues With Email Deliverability

After all, email marketing is always about deliverability. Deliverability, like reputation, varies from email to email. Right now, use a deliverability testing tool to see if you have any deliverability issues.

By performing regular email deliverability testing, you will be able to identify issues on a predetermined basis and solve them in order to regain your Inbox rate.

Enhances customer engagement

Email Validation Lowers The Size Of Your List While Increasing Interaction.

When you begin validating the email addresses on your email list, you will be able to eliminate those that do not help you in any manner. It will lower the size of your list while increasing interaction.

When you send emails to people who regularly utilize their email accounts, you may obtain a higher open rate and a higher click-through rate.

Assists in the creation of a trustworthy database for sales teams, avoiding invalid addresses

The quality of your mailing list is critical; otherwise, your sales staff will be unable to make the most of it. If you don’t validate the emails on your list, your marketing effort will fail to provide the required outcomes, and your metrics will be off.

You can avoid this by first providing your staff with a list of validated email addresses.

Obviously, the outcome is dependent on your contribution, and if you offer the team a validated list, the sales team’s efforts will be rewarded. So, those are the major advantages of email verification.

Which is the Best Email Verification Service?

Does Your Validation Tool Support Bulk Email List Verification And Email Verification API?

Do you want to use the best email validation tool to clean up your email list? Despite knowing that there are many tools, each has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Today, there are numerous email validation services or email verification tools available. TuxMailer, ZeroBounce, NeverBounce, BriteVerify, MillionVerifier, and others are among them. Determine the few significant differences that could be turnoffs or deal makers for oneself.


TuxMailer is the ideal choice if you only want a full-featured email validation solution. Tuxmailer’s email address validator assists you in validating email addresses in order to improve deliverability. Increase your ROI by connecting with more consumers and by using the best email verification service.


ZeroBounce is a renowned online email validation technology designed to help businesses avoid deliverability concerns when sending sophisticated and high-volume emails. The method operates by decreasing and removing email addresses that are invalid, abusive, complaining, inactive, or spam traps.


NeverBounce is used by users for real-time email verification as well as list cleansing. NeverBounce ensures that businesses reach their consumers by drastically boosting email delivery to the inbox.

NeverBounce increases deliverability and helps organizations conform to rigorous email provider standards by validating email authenticity against a database of 6 billion emails and eliminating old email addresses.


BriteVerify email as well as address verification assures that an email address exists in real-time without the need to send a message. BriteVerify instantly validates the emails you collect via online forms, landing pages, smart devices, and point-of-sale systems.


MillionVerifier is an email verification application meant to assist organizations of all sizes in creating simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) connections and authenticating email lists using syntax or IP address verification. Professionals may upload files in TXT, CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats using the drag-and-drop interface.

If you want to know which email validation service is best for your company, examine the following factors: dependability, reliability, ease of use, cost, integrations, and customer support.


 It Is Critical To Ensure That The Email Addresses To Which You Are Sending Emails Are Correct.

If you would like your company to grow, you should work hard to ensure the success of your email campaigns. Only then will your sales increase. It is necessary to make sure that the email addresses to which you are sending emails are valid. Having non-existent or inattentive email accounts on your list will only slow your growth and possibly cost you money.

The advantages of email verification are multiple and substantial, varying from potential savings to enhanced analytics, from a massive decrease in email bounces to lesser complaints. Successful marketers understand this and always utilize clean lists.

This is why you must use an email verifier like TuxMailer to eliminate invalid email accounts. They provide their customers with a full breakdown of the email verification findings. This allows them to distinguish between email addresses that are safe to send and those that are undeliverable, risky, or unknown. As a result, they are able to launch more effective email campaigns.

Remember, a good email verification tool will help you streamline your outreach strategy and achieve better results.

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